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Why Music Marketing Matters to me

I was writing the other day and got a call from my good friend J-Woods and we always like to talk about what we have been doing musically recently. Talks led to ways to promote music for his new releases and ways to get his mind and energy focused on creating a system to keep pumping out blog posts.

I started to see he really has some great ideas about what he wants to show on his website but really needed a little guidance on channeling that energy into writing and promoting at the same time. After a few posts were written, I got to read more about what music really meant to him. Being real, open and letting people into his mind frame when songs were created.

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SOHA "Puro Amor" mixtape







After some long overdue time off, I felt I had to recount this interesting conversation I had with a young Hip Hop artist. Throughout the past two years I have been working with some artists in establishing their web presence and getting their music online.

In the process, I didn’t update Hip Hop Distribution for a long time. After 7 years of writing, I wanted to detach myself from music marketing research for a while. Part of the exploration was to keep my mind focused on current projects and take a different route.

While doing so I realized Hip Hop Distribution was my mind thinking out loud and I needed to get that marketing aspect back. I started a project that felt incomplete. Focus is back on where this is going, not where it has been.

While listening to some music on Soundcloud, I came across this artist from Spain called SOHA. Initially I was on Soundcloud to explore different ways on getting more plays and attention to another client I was working with.

Then something clicked with me.

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SEO is changing and Google+ is showing how search is getting married to sharing.  When I joined Twitter and Facebook I noticed my sharing habits and saw myself first conversing with fellow followers and then sharing some articles I enjoyed.  It’s a natural, obvious occurrence, we socialize and share.

Looking at Google+, I see a new dynamic.  We are starting from a search first perspective.  Many times before, my searches were not always for sharing, they were just research of whatever was on my mind at the time.  Now those simple searches have a higher probability to become conversation pieces.  How easily found are you on Google?

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