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Why Music Marketing Is Deeper Than Just Promotion To Me

I began to think about what music really meant to me. Why am I so drawn to working on music marketing? What keeps my spirit content with what I am doing? After being asked why I do this, I really wanted to define for myself what music marketing led me to. I no longer wanted scattered reasoning for myself as to why I love this, I really wanted to define its importance to me as a reminder to be true to myself and work harder on my craft.

SOHA Reminds Me Of My “Puro Amor” For Hip Hop

While doing so I realized Hip Hop Distribution was my mind thinking out loud and I needed to get that marketing aspect back. I started a project that felt incomplete. Focus is back on where this is going, not where it has been.

While listening to some music on Soundcloud, I came across this artist from Spain called SOHA. Initially I was on Soundcloud to explore different ways on getting more plays and attention to another client I was working with.

Google+ Traffic for Bands and Brands

SEO is changing and Google+ is showing how search is getting married to sharing.  When I joined Twitter and Facebook I noticed my sharing habits and saw myself first conversing with fellow followers and then sharing some articles I enjoyed.  It’s a natural, obvious occurrence, we socialize and share. Looking at Google+, I see a new dynamic.  We are starting from a search first perspective.  Many times before, my searches were not always for sharing, they were just research of whatever was on my mind at the time.  Now those simple searches have a higher probability to become conversation pieces. … Continue reading

3 Soundcloud Articles For Effective Music Marketing Growth

  I love using Soundcloud to discover new music and also promote my own music as well.  Discovering music has been a pleasant surprise to me.  I have been lucky to find some gems in the rough and started to realize why I like it so much: It’s all about the music. Use this platform with tact and engage. I enjoy how music is the focal point, followed by comments and your interaction.  It definitely has a Twitter feel to it with its news feed, but its refreshing that its not spammy, just music you follow and/or people you get … Continue reading

Can You Help Me? My Music Needs YOU!

The point of this is to get you thinking about specific positive actions that you know will help your website traffic and growth. Where is you main referral traffic coming from? Where is it lacking? View your stats, find where your content thrives and where it might need help. Either or, you are building on fixing your presence or expanding it.

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