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Online Marketing for Blogging Musicians

While grinding it out in the lab on my endless quest of effective music promotion, Hip Hop Distribution’s identity came alive.  The title of this article is the new tag line for this project: Online marketing for blogging musicians.  This is a defining step for me since it has a centralized focus on my mission as a blogging musician.

Music promotion has many different levels and one of them is blogging and making your sales strategy as effective as possible.  Years of DIY efforts and hit and miss tactics made me focus on two questions: What is really helping my online promotion and what is wasting my time?

The approach I want to take is put the power in your hands.  This is one aspect I enjoyed when I first began.  I want to create some activities  where we can formulate our own custom strategies relevant to our own identity.

There are many nighttime musicians and full time musicians seeking advice or hobbyists to people just intrigued about selling and making their first sale, and that is a great thing.  That was me and I embrace the motivation of wanting to learn but mainly, creating a plan that fits your structure.  The main thing is this requires work on your end, no sugar coating.

Blame Change on Evolution

I am a big believer in Search Engine Optimization and love the different angles we can take to keep up with high ranking search results and increasing unique visitors.  Music needs it and we must work to keep it visible for wandering eyes.

Blogging includes alot of maintenance and consistency to keep your promotion steady.  I am working on some free workbooks that I will be including in my newsletter that will focus on activities to keep your posts fresh and give that boost that sometimes might be lacking from blogging boredom.

I became bored with vague messages of the music industry’s future that it inspired a pro active approach.  I want to keep doing things that will have a positive outcome.

My Question For You?

What are some topics you want to see covered in relation to online marketing for your music?

Leave your comments below and let the research begin.

  • Strada

    Google/facebook ads waste or effective… I am aproducer what are some of the ways it can help record placement and so on. Thanks

  • Good question, I have worked in the past with some artists that found Google ads to be a waste but saw Facebook ads showing some better promise. I plan to look more into it for specific album/mailing list placement. Thanks Strada for the input!