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3 Soundcloud Articles For Effective Music Marketing Growth

  I love using Soundcloud to discover new music and also promote my own music as well.  Discovering music has been a pleasant surprise to me.  I have been lucky to find some gems in the rough and started to realize why I like it so much: It’s all about the music. Use this platform with tact and engage. I enjoy how music is the focal point, followed by comments and your interaction.  It definitely has a Twitter feel to it with its news feed, but its refreshing that its not spammy, just music you follow and/or people you get … Continue reading

Youtube Wants to Share Ad Revenue with Indie Musicians

Independent music is alive and strong. I came across an article from writer Alex Pham from the LA Times that discusses Youtube’s plans to share ad revenue with independent musicians. Youtube is trying to attract more users to the social networking aspect of their site, versus just letting visitors watch a video and run.   YouTube sets its sights on independent musicians I am all for it. This relationship before was only for artists on big labels or those who had worked out special agreements with the site. Opening up this revenue stream creates an incentive for indie musicians to … Continue reading

My Music Marketing Plan Audit

I created a music marketing plan audit to see any weaknesses in my digital distribution strategy. Every musician must examine their marketing and build upon strengths and create plans of attack for music promotion and online visibility.

Add A Real Time Chat Room On Your Myspace Page

Chatango adds a real time chat room to your webpage. This is a great tool for Myspace music profiles. Talk with your fans in real time and sell your music.

Bandcamp: All The Features a Band Page Needs, For FREE

Bandcamp offers indie musicians a music profile page with clean layout, track streaming, and option to sell your music in multiple formats for free

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