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3 Soundcloud Articles For Effective Music Marketing Growth


I love using Soundcloud to discover new music and also promote my own music as well.  Discovering music has been a pleasant surprise to me.  I have been lucky to find some gems in the rough and started to realize why I like it so much: It’s all about the music. Use this platform with tact and engage. I enjoy how music is the focal point, followed by comments and your interaction.  It definitely has a Twitter feel to it with its news feed, but its refreshing that its not spammy, just music you follow and/or people you get to know.  The 3 articles I found definitely stress the fundamentals, as well as encouraging a behavior that contributes to audience expansion, not marketing noise.

Soundcloud Advice

I took more notice to Soundcloud once I really received positive feedback from using the service.  Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can generally get more responses based on your interaction.  It’s not a news flash, people love to be noticed.  Musicians love feedback and you can get some really good network connections established by getting to know other artists.

I was talking with a friend of mine who was new to Soundcloud and wanted a little more information on tips for setup and just overall learning more about the site and I  have been referencing these 3 articles:

  1. Market Your Music On Soundcloud by Erik Peterson
  2. How To Annoy People Using Soundcloud by Hubert Sawyers
  3. 5 Easy Souncloud Music Promotion Tips by Konnie Mack

I really enjoyed these 3 articles.  Erik Peterson does a great job discussing from square one some setup ideas and making sure you are ready to explore more of the site’s functions such as groups and making sure your meta data is properly setup for maximum exposure.  Hubert Sawyers III discusses some tips to not annoy your new followers and non followers.  Ultimately keep your marketing honest and genuine, great reminder from Hubert.  Konnie Mack also details 5 encouraging tips to keep you  active and keep from being stagnant.

Read the three articles above and write down some things you want to get out of Soundcloud.  If you currently use it, how can you improve it and if you are new, just follow some basic steps and let the growing begin.

Using Soundcloud’s app on my phone has also upped the importance of marketing.  Promote on the go, but don’t get spammy.  The ability to interact so quickly can grow your presence, just dont take it for granted.


The one thing I learned from these authors is to ask myself: What do I want to get out of Soundcloud?  Don’t just sign up because its popular, sign up with a purpose.  Who do you want to attract? Who do you want to meet? Do you want to redirect traffic back to your blog? Do you want to network with other music bloggers? Choose a question and address it, set goals and track traffic.  What is your experience with Soundcloud?


My name is Mario Mendoza and I am music maker, music marketing fanatic and digital content strategist. I work with musicians looking to increase their online presence and spread the word about their talent.
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