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Day 2: How To Promote Music Through Social Bookmarking

As Day 2 begins, I took my list of keywords and focused on writing one article based around a couple of those keywords. The key for me was mentioning the keywords and making sure my articles had the correct tags related to those words. Once your article is published, it is time to share it.

Social bookmarking
is a blogger’s best friend. When I first began writing, I realized that I used many of the social bookmarking sites but just didn’t use it to my advantage. The goal here is to manage your time and expose your articles to different audiences.

I currently use WordPress as my blogging platform and find their bookmarking plugins very easy to use and helpful. This plugin allows my visitors to save my webpage to their favorite social bookmarking site on my list. Some of the networks I use are Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Myspace.

If you don’t have accounts with these sites it’s ok. The setup is free. You sign up, create a profile and list some of your links to your blog. Great way to just create another entry point to your article or website. To submit your article just fill in the appropriate sections such as: Title, URL, Description, and tags. Remember your tags should be some of the keywords you wrote about in your article. The key here is also using the respective sites. For instance, the more I used Digg and interacted with friends there, the more views my articles were getting. Be human and don’t look like a robot.
sexy bookmarks
I chose “Sexy Bookmarks” as my wordpress plugin for social bookmarking. The main reason I chose it is because it had a link to Myspace. I wanted to promote my blog posts on my Myspace profile. This link allows me to click and submit my article to my Myspace blog. Other plugins didn’t have a Myspace link, but as a musician, I want my 3,431 friends to find my blog posts. Find a plugin that matches the sites you like. Mix and match sites and see which ones are better for your niche. Think big, some of those friends may turn into mailing list subscribers.

The one thing I’ve been taught is to chose a handful of these Social bookmark sites and be honest when promoting. Gain followers, and share articles. Submitting your article to too many sites may cause your site to look spammy by the search enginges. Dedicate time to each network gradually and increase your web presence.

Step 2: After writing your article, its time to promote. Submit your article to some new Social Bookmarking sites and let fans help share your work.

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    Social networking sites are place where people can come and get a good idea about your music, image and what you’re about, so it’s important to make it look nice and read well.Nice article….i think forums and blogs can also helpful in online music promotion..