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Live Music USB Flash Drive Wristband

Aderra Inc. has created a genius product for musicians to use as a way to generate more revenue after a live show. I came across their press release and found the Live Music USB Flash Drive Wristband. Aderra specializes in the recording of live events and transferring that audio to a USB wristband that is made available immediately for sale after the event. Great slogan: “Sell your event twice!”

They gained publicity when the Midem 2009 world music conference announced they were going to discontinue CD distribution of their British content to USB Flash drives. The storage drives allow for various forms of content, multimedia and files to be added for consumers and at the very least, reuse the storage device.

Their market is big and they cover live music events, conferences, live sporting events, government & public assembly. According to the founder of Aderra, Ed Donnelly, “Live in a Flash™ USB flash drive system which is quickly becoming a key component in the multiplatform revenue streams currently available to artists, labels event organisers and promoters right across Europe.”

The change from CD to USB flash drives provides a great insight to its importance of how content we receive is perceived when its packaged differently.

The press release stressed an important point for all musicians seeking better revenue streams: “What Aderra does is create something that is personal to the fan either as a memory of a fantastic night via the live recording and or by bringing together the music and merchandise all into one unique product.” Distribution is more than just CD’s and mp3’s.

Here is a link to the Aderra press release.

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