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Can You Help Me? My Music Needs YOU!

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Don’t worry, I am not asking you to buy anything.  What I could use is a little social help.  Would you mind doing some of these things to make our site visible, we appreciate you taking the time to read this and help.

Expanding your audience is the goal of this exercise.  Your growth relies on the plans you have in motion that will give you the best amount of promotion with the resources you have, (maybe even just a team of you and one other person).

My two biggest sources of promotion for my blog include using Facebook and Twitter for talking with fellow peers.  Second, I social bookmark the hell out of my articles, limited to a small number of sites, but consistently doing it with every post.  The only thing stopping me from expanding is asking?

Find a Promotion Partner

The thing I want to test here is different perspectives.  Many bloggers out there are very different in how they approach their promotion, and we each have strengths and weaknesses.

Finding a partner can build over time, by starting to share some of their work after a while and introducing yourself to them, actions speak louder than words.

You could also use someone that is just willing to promote in exchange for nothing, mainly because they just want to help.  Create tasks accordingly per individual scenarios.  I like to work with other bloggers because I know they want what I want, more traffic and new visitors.  I will work hard for you if you work hard for me.
This exercise will also give you more reason to build out your social network presence, but at a comfortable pace with quality followers.  Just interact with fellow peers.

Build a stronger promo network. Stop complaining and make adjustments.  Establishing social go to players.  Think quality. Maybe one partner will help out only with one network. Gladly share promotion.

This exercise will also create a specific task list for a promotion plan.  Do you have a plan or set of tasks that you could give someone to specifically help your site?  If I asked you I want to help your cause, let me know.  What would you want me to do?

11 Ways To Help Me Without Spending A Dime

  1. Sign Up to Our mailing list on the right hand side and get our Free EP (build out your mailing list, quality sign up for the long run, give advice on tactics used)
  2. Leave a comment on your favorite post and share it to your favorite social network
  3. Click that “StumbleUpon” icon below and give us your description of our sound/article/website  (you are introducing where your sharing icons are, better navigation and aware of call to action, good traffic source)
  4. “Like” our Facebook Page, or a favorite article and feel free to share your thoughts (reachout better with Facebook visibility, more shares and fans, better content distribution)
  5. Share a Youtube Video of ours on Facebook (promoting different channels pointing towards your blog)
  6. “Tweet” out to your followers an article you enjoyed from @bandname (help find more relevant followers, interact better)
  7. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, when audio meets visual (sometimes people dont want written content when it comes to musicians, make sure you have video presence, good for search engine listings, good seo for albums and tracks)
  8. Give the thumbs up and Digg an article, sharing is caring
  9. Drop Your Thoughts on this Poll, help us understand what you like (more sales if you know what they want)
  10. Blog about it and write about us, all promo is appreciated and recognized, introduce yourself (build out backlinks and exposure, build an archive of posts you wrote from around the web pointing to your site in exchange)
  11. Email me an idea you have in mind that would make this blog better, for you and me. (Acknowledgement, same feeling you get when you receive positive feedback. Credit will be given to idea creator)

Possible Positive Results

  1. Introduced to new social networks where you have no presence
  2. Discover the different tags/keywords people use to describe your article/music/sound
  3. You now have a plan for expanding your helper base, make it easier on yourself
  4. Introduced to new potential followers, your promotion partners fans/followers
  5. Consistent promotion for better Search Engine Optimization
  6. Learn from each others’ strategy, to maximize your growth
  7. Create a Blog Tool: create call to action for your site.  A new visitor might love your work and want to help, let them know quickly and briefly, can’t hurt
  8. Avoids the “I will do it all by myself” attitude.  Allow yourself to focus on your strengths and build the foundation for a promotion network
  9. Keeping content active: whether its launching a new album or merchandise, have people make the launch move along, keeping traffic coming in
  10. Establishing Social “Go To” players: Think quality.  These are the homies that you can count on for promotion and bouncing ideas.  Make the most of your communication time, get to know one another.
  11. Future Project Development: maybe develop a seperate website for content promotion, keyword backlinking, RSS distribution, and potentially newer audiences.  This allows 2 bloggers to have a place to breed creativity and work with a different purpose, keeping ideas fresh, and new ideas could be used for your own blog.  Fusion of audiences without hurting your individual website presence.


What I want you to do now is create a list of things you want your visitors to do.  Whether it’s to Tweet an article or submit and Stumble a post, fill in your list.

The point of this is to get you thinking about specific positive actions that you know will help your website traffic and growth.  Where is you main referral traffic coming from?  Where is it lacking?  View your stats, find where your content thrives and where it might need help.  Either or, you are building on fixing your presence or expanding it.

If I could do one thing for you, what are some things you would add on your list?  In the spirit of this article, leave a comment and share it, it would be appreciated.